Badger Classic Lip Balm Stick - Tangerine Breeze - Badger

Badger Classic Lip Balm Stick - Tangerine Breeze - Badger Prime B-Cellular Revitalizing Serum  30ml/1oz

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BADGER BALM: 100% Natural, USDA Organic, Cruelty-Free Tangerine Breeze Classic Lip Balm - oz Stick. SKU Badger Organic Lip Balms are smooth and glossy - and they contain a bounty of antioxidants. Badger Lip Balm Stick-Tangerine Breeze: Beauty. Classic Lip Balm - Tangerine Breeze, Lavender & Orange, Vanilla Madagascar, Pink. Four of our favorite classic lip balm sticks: Tangerine Breeze, Ginger & Lemon, Highland Mint and Unscented; Super-moisturizing, natural and organic lip balms.

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